Romware Covid Radius


The precise and reliable Covid-19 prevention tool for your workforce

How do you ensure safe operations and protect the health of every worker? How do you halt COVID-19 from spreading in the workplace? How do you enforce preventive measures?

Romware offers a precise and reliable bracelet for industries such as Building & Construction, Logistics & Warehousing, Manufacturing and Port Services.

A solid combination of Covid-19 functionalities

Social and Physical Distancing

To ensure the safety of their workforce, many industries are requested by the WHO to ensure a distance of at least 6 feet between workers.

With Romware, you can easily roll out an operating plan where social distancing is guaranteed. Where markings on floors and walls provide visual reminders, the Covid Radius continuously monitors the actual distance between your workforce. When two workers come too close to each other, they receive a warning signal: both visual and through vibration.

Contact Tracing

Checking back to see who’s been in contact with newly identified patients with an infectious disease is an important technique for containing the coronavirus pandemic. Romware Covid Radius enables privacy-compliant contact tracing among the workforce

How it works


An employee or company physician reports a possible infection. The company physician can consult the wearable register to identify the wearable ID of the employee that is presumed to be infected.


The employee that is presumed to be infected is requested to provide his/her written consent to allow the physician to retrieve the contact-events of his/her wearable that have been logged over the past 14 days.


Covid Radius only logs events in case the wearable alerts an 'insufficient physical distancing' contact with another wearable. The physician receives a list of the wearable IDs that have a logged contact-event with the researched ID. No other information is provided.


The physician consults the wearable register to retrieve the identities of the colleagues that have been in contact with the employee that is presumed to be infected.

Add-on: People Limit per Area

Employers need to ensure that their staff can respect the social and physical distancing measures that are enforced. As a result, they will have to set an upper limit on the number of employees (or others) who may be inside a specific area at the same time. 

The Romware Platform allows workers and their managers to be alerted in real-time when a certain limit has been surpassed.

Worker privacy is guaranteed.

The unique autonomous design of Romware’s Covid Radius ensures complete worker privacy. It does not capture or store location or other privacy-sensitive data.

The social and physical distancing technology is based on Ultra Wideband (UWB). This feature does not require any data connection, so there is no localisation, nor any transfer of ID or other personal data.

The contact tracing function is designed in accordance with the guidelines published by the WHO with regard to the safe restart of the economy. These measures include a call to action for employers to enable the tracing of contacts of employees that are presumed or have confirmed to be infected. This feature requires a data connection, but no personal data is sent to or kept on the wearable devices.

Any personal information is fully encrypted and kept on the Romware Platform and only accessible by the company physician through secure login. All contact tracing events are deleted after 14 days, the average incubation period of the COVID-19 virus.

Technical specifications

Romware ONE™ is a reliable rugged device for high-demanding industrial environments.

Accurate ranging
Indoor and outdoor
  • Prevent functionality relies on local UWB ranging.
  • No need for data connection
  • Optional: GPS or UWB positioning
Connectivity &
  • Control and trace features based on LTEm/NB2 IoT connectivity.
  • Optional: NFC and UWB communication.
Sensoring &
  • Haptics + LED Notification
  • Optional: Configurable Button
  • Optional: Optometric wear detection
  • Optional: Accelero/Gyro motion detection
More technical information

“It is essential that our employees remain healthy and that the port continues to operate during this corona crisis. That is why we see a lot of value in Romware. We are rolling it out as we speak.”

Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO Port of Antwerp – April 2020

Go for total worker safety

Extend Covid Radius and embrace Romware’s unique safety functionalities. Our wearable devices prevent man-machine collisions and automatically notify emergency response teams in the event of a man down scenario. They also check for certificates to operate dangerous equipment, access unsafe areas or work in confined spaces.

Romware Worker Safety

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