Your IIoT partner

Romware is a global technology company, making industrial sites safe, secure and cost-efficient.

Our vision

We are all about making the most of your current resources. Why disrupt your business when there’s still so much room for improvement? This is where the power of Industrial IoT (IIoT) comes into play. One simple product protects your equipment ROI and your workers.

Our mission

Open technology

We enable a quick installation and integration whilst generating a massive amount of standardized – easy to read – operational data.

Connected workers

The workplace of the future is not all about robots, it’s about intelligence, safety and agility. We empower your workers.

Beyond the IIoT hype

We believe the future depends on actual solutions that solve real-life problems and even save lives.

Award-winning company

Headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, with partners all over the globe.

Romware partner/reference Rombit

Romware is a proud subsidiary of the Rombit Group.

Rombit makes ports and industrial companies more efficient, safe and dynamic. It develops integrated software- and hardware solutions, based upon its specific market knowledge and vast technical expertise.

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